free and helpless and unjust

D. Claude Katz
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I'm an economist, and I have a hobby of memorizing poetry in languages that I don't know well enough to speak in coherent prose (mostly Italian and Classical Greek, with a smattering of other languages, such as Russian, French, Spanish, and Middle English). I also like (and memorize) poetry in my native language, Modern English (American, although most of the poetry I know is British). I play the harmonica, sometimes (various styles).

I like to be pretentious in ways that are out of fashion (like...hmm...reciting poetry in Classical Greek). I've had a pretentious education, and I'm too pretentious to even name the schools I attended. I'm married, with a cat and no children, and I live near a river in the Northeastern US -- definitely a blue state kind of guy, but neurotic and pedantic, like people are supposed to be, not all damn emotionally healthy and open-minded like folks from those blue states on the other side of the country.

Some people are pro-life; some are pro-choice; I'm anti-life. I think that liberty is a necessary evil, and the pursuit of happiness is a waste of time. Nonetheless, I'm proud to be an American; at least I was, before a majority of voting Americans chose to reelect George W. Bush. I support gay marriage, only because it pisses people off. I don't do drugs (except alcohol, caffeine, OTC medications, and legitimately prescribed pharmaceuticals) and haven't since the Carter administration. My favorite movies are The Ox-Bow Incident, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (silent), Casablanca, and Ran.

At the moment, I don't believe in God, but I reverently worship the Divine Nonentity, and I tend to have contempt for my fellow atheists. In spite of using the word "I" repeatedly, I don't believe that I have a self. At least I try not to believe it, but a language based on subject-object duality has a tendency to reinforce the delusion of selfhood.

In addition to YouTube (my WebPage link above), I am on MySpace and twitter (as DClaudeKatz) and the Ning (as a nerdfighter and an eGreek student).
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