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08 February 2009 @ 09:56 pm
My hair is too long because of the economy.  
I work at home, and I work for a company 200 miles away. I go there for major meetings (the ones that we can't do over the phone), or when clients or potential clients want to meet me, or for major company events like the Christmas party. Usually, unless I've already had my hair cut recently, I cut my hair before going down, so I can look all professional and respectable and shit.

But this year they've avoided having meetings, because they can't afford to fly people in from far away. (My train ride isn't that expensive, but some people need to fly in from the other side of the country.) And there haven't been many new potential clients. And the old clients are preoccupied with other things. And they canceled the Christmas party to save money.

So I haven't had a haircut in like six months. Ideally, I like my hair off my ears and off my collar. Right now it's about an inch below my ear lobes and a good two thirds of the way down my neck. Damn, I hope the stimulus plan works!